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Calprotectin (CALPRO)

MRP-8/MRP-14; S100A8/A9

Calprotectin is a protein belonging to the S100 family and occurring in large amounts in neutrophil granulocytes, where it accounts for 5% of total proteins and 60% of cytoplasm proteins. Smaller amounts of calprotectin has also been detected in monocytes and activated macrophages.
The structure of calprotectin consists of a light polypeptide chain and two heavy polypeptide chains, with a molecular weight of 36,5 kDa. Bacteriostatic and mycostatic properties of calprotectin are comparable to those of antibiotics. For this reason the abundance of calprotectin in neutrophil granulocytes and its antimicrobial activity suggest a substantial role in the defence of the organism.Calprotectin has been found in several human biological materials: serum, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid and urine.