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Proneurotensin/neuromedin N (ProNT/NMN)

Proneurotensin 1-117

Proneurotensin/neuromedin N (pro NT/NMN) is the common precursor of two biologically active peptides, neurotensin (NT) and neuromedin N (NMN). As known for NT, the release of pro NT/NMN 1-117 from the intestine into the circulation is stimulated by ingestion of an ordinary meal. Investigation of the pro NT/NMN 1-117 in vitro stability in human serum and plasma revealed that this molecule is stable for at least 48 h at room temperature. Since pro NT/NMN 1-117 is theoretically produced during precursor processing in stoichiometric amounts relative to NT and NMN, it could be a surrogate marker for the release of these bioactive peptides.