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Large Neuromedin N (L-NMN)

While neurotensin was the major product (approximately 98%) with neurotensin immunoreactivity in brain and ileum, a large molecular form of neuromedin-N was found to comprise 55-91% of the neuromedin-N activity in the ileum of these species and only 2-8% that in brain. Large neuromedin-N, which behaved as a single substance during multiple chromatographic steps, was found to cross-react in the assays for P1 and P2, indicating that this molecule extended at least from residues 40-148, neuromedin-N being located at its C-terminus. Western blots confirmed the results obtained by immunoassay. Partially purified preparations of large neuromedin-N from dog, cat and rat were also found to contract the isolated guinea pig ileum, exhibiting potencies near to that of neuromedin-N. Tissue-specific storage of large neuromedin-N, a biologically active molecule with greater than 100 amino acids, occurs in these four mammals.