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Thermal Injury (TI)

Skin thermal injury ; Thermal burn; Scald

A thermal burn is a type of burn resulting from making contact with heated objects, such as boiling water, steam, hot cooking oil, fire, and hot objects. Scald is a form of thermal burn resulted from heated fluids such as boiling water or steam. Most scalds are considered first or second degree burns, but third degree burns can result, especially with prolonged contact. Burns are generally classified from first degree up to fourth degree, but the American Burn Association (ABA) has categorized thermal burns as minor, moderate, and major, based almost solely on the depth and size of the burn.

After anaesthetization mice were scalded in a 1 cm-diameter circle area on the central dorsum by boiling water at contact times. A mouse skin scald model is established which is stable and can be used on the skin thermal injury in future research.