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Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells (HCC)

Liver cancer cell;HepG2;SK-HEP-1;Hepa 1-6;RH-35;HuH-7;Li-7;BEL-7402;QGY-7701;QGY-7703;SMMC-7721;BEL-7404;CBRH-7919;MHCC97H;LMH;SNU-182

Hepatocellular carcinoma, also called malignant hepatoma, is the most common type of liver cancer. Most cases of HCC are as a result of either a viral hepatitis infection, metabolic toxins such as alcohol or aflatoxin, conditions like hemochromatosis and alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency or NASH. 

HepG2 is a human hepatocellular carcinoma cells line, which is epithelial in morphology, have a modal chromosome number of 55, and are not tumorigenic in nude mice. The cells secrete a variety of major plasma proteins.They have been grown successfully in large-scale cultivation systems. HepG2 will respond to stimulation with human growth hormone.